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The word Psychics stands for the subject that deals with the study of psyche. Psyche is a Greek word; it means soul, spirit or mind. 

Unfortunately some people consider the word ‘soul’ as an imaginary, theoretical entity.  And the word ‘spirit’ too tends to confuse them if it is used as a synonym for ‘soul’.

But these words have special significance for the students and practitioners of Psychics.  In fact, the entire structure of the world of Psychics is built around these two words, soul and spirit. It will simply collapse if these two words, or the divine entities they represent, did not exist or if they were taken away from the realm of its study.

It is true that it is difficult for common people to grasp the existence and significance of the soul or spirit because of their subtle and divine nature. They more readily understand the words, mind, feelings, sentiments, emotions and thoughts.

The truth is that the words- mind, feelings, sentiments and emotions—are the offshoots of the words ‘soul and spirit’. Since they are tangible, palpable states of mind, they are better understood and grasped by the common people as they experience them in practical life situations on a daily basis.

Therefore, these words too along with soul and spirit form the core areas of the study of the subject of Psychics.
Incidentally, the students, practitioners and teachers of this subject are also called psychics. So we have to understand the meaning of the word ‘psychics’ in the context it is used.

Some of the important areas for the study of the subject of psychics are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, psychometery, tarot reading, palmistry, numerology, astrology, crystal gazing, telekinesis, intuition, aura reading, cartomancy and so on.

Psychics specializing in these areas, like in other fields of study, are known after the field they specialize in. For example, a psychic specializing in palmistry is called palmist. In the same way we have astrologers, telepaths, numerologists, tarot readers, aura readers, crystal gazers and clairvoyants. There may be some variations in naming the professionals for the sake of convenience.

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