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How to Become a Psychic Medium

A psychic is usually a medium, but sometimes she may induce someone else to act as a medium. A medium is a channel to facilitate communication between the psychic and the spirits. In most cases the psychic communicates with her own guiding spirit or angel to seek advice on the problems that her clients face. This interface between the psychic and the spirit takes place when the medium goes into a state of trance, a sleeplike state in which the medium surrenders the control of her body and consciousness to the guiding spirit. The guiding spirit, though omniscient does not have her own physical body. In fact the spirit needs to borrow the physical body of the medium only to facilitate a communication with the clients of the psychic.

This basic information about the procedure, role and functions of the medium is essential for any one who wishes to become a psychic medium. The fundamental postulate is that a medium must be willing to surrender her body and consciousness to the visiting spirit. A medium cannot surrender her body and consciousness if she is ignorant, obdurate, skeptical, overly body conscious, uncooperative and unamenable to the guidance and suggestions of her psychic.

If you wish to become a psychic medium, you must, first of all, learn about:

  • the metaphysical world of spirits,
  • their role in the affairs of the human beings,
  • about the meanings and implications of life and death,
  • the theory of karma,
  • existence of God and divine entities and
  • the continuation of life after death and so on.

Mere knowledge is not enough. The knowledge should become an integral part of your beliefs, faith and actions in your day-to-day life. You should develop full faith and confidence in your psychic-s sagacity and powers and be willing to obey and surrender to her commands and suggestions. While in trance, you are likely to see visions and images. You must learn to read and interpret them under the guidance of your psychic. You also need to overcome doubts, fears and similar mental obstructions to become a successful psychic medium.

Speak to a talented and gifted Psychic to learn how to develop your mediumship skills.

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