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Pet Psychic

Pet psychic is the natural ability of an animal to communicate with its environment, with a person, or with another animal, which seems to occur through unidentified or unexplained channels.

Pet Psychic Trailing

Pet psychic trailing is the ability of a pet that has been separated from its owner at one location and has been able to find its way to the owner at a new location. In 1952, a cat named Sugar and he had belonged to the family of Stacy Woods, a school principal in Anderson, California. However when the family moved to a farm in Gage, Oklahoma, 2400 kilometers away, they reluctantly left Sugar with a neighbor because the cat became terrified when riding in motor cars. Yet about 14 months later, when Woods and his wife were milking in the barn in Oklahoma, a cat leaped from an open window onto Mrs. Woods’ shoulder. The feline newcomer looked and acted so much like Sugar that the Woods family joked that their cat must have made his way from California. Soon enough, the family decided that the cat had to be Sugar for he had the same unusual bone deformity at his left hip joint. Only later did the Woods family learn that three weeks after they have left Sugar with their neighbor, the cat had disappeared.

A young boy, Hugh Brady Perkins, had discovered a pigeon, which had an identifying band with the number 167 on it affixed to its leg, in his backyard in Summersville, West Virginia, in 1940 and had subsequently tamed it as a pet. The following winter the boy was driven at night to a hospital some 200 kilometers away for surgery. The pigeon, of course, stayed behind. Yet one snowy night while Perkins was recuperating, he heard a fluttering at the window. When the nurse opened it to humor the boy, a pigeon came in. The band on the bird’s leg confirmed the boy suspicion – it bore the number 167.

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