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The difference between psychics and mediums is the same that is between the coach and the athletes. A coach trains and directs the athlete to run and can also himself run if he likes. Or it is like a commander and his soldier. The former can also fight when the occasion arises but lets his soldier carry out his job, if for some reason he is required to attend to other duties or obligations that retain him.

Some of the famous psychics themselves act as mediums when they are required to make important predictions. They go into trance and communicate with the spirits and come out with startling truths and solutions. As against the psychic, when a medium goes into trance, she loses her body consciousness and obeys the commands and suggestions of the psychic. Going by this logic, a medium may and may not be a psychic. A psychic can perform the dual functions.

Some psychics always remain in a state of mild trance when they are dealing with the queries of their clients, that is to say, that they act as mediums during this time. The difference here is that they do not altogether lose their body consciousness or surrender it completely to their guiding spirits. They remain in this plane and also in the other plane. If they completely lose their consciousness like the medium does, there would be none to interact with the clients. This is all the more essential when the clients are chatting with them online or they are talking over the telephone.

The mild state of trance also enables the psychics to use different tools such as:

  • tarot cards
  • astrological charts
  • crystal balls and so on

It must be noted that the tools that the psychics use are by themselves inanimate objects, but they come to life once they are in the hands of the psychic, who acts as a medium and goes into trance. The difference between a psychic and a medium is that while the former decides the degree or the intensity of her trance, the later goes by the psychic’s instructions.

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