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Psychic Ability Test


To test for telepathy, have a friend shuffle a pack of Zener* cards.

Then synchronize watches, and at intervals of 30 seconds, let the friend turn over the cards, concentrate on each face, record it, then place it face down.

Meanwhile, write down the order of the cards as you perceive them. Reshuffle the pack and repeat the test four more times, for a total of 125 tries.

Chance should give you close to five correct answers for each run through the deck.

A consistent scoring average of 6.5 cards over many hundreds of individual 25-card runs would put you in much the same telepathic category as many of J.B. Rhine’s successful test subjects.

* The Zener pack was made up of five sets of five cards each.

Each sets has a separate symbol: a start, a rectangle, a circle, a cross, and a trio of parallel wavy lines.

A subject could be expected to pick the appropriate card 5 times out of 25 opportunities.

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